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Aluminium tube and pipe are products that are commonly used for frames, boat building, gardening products, general fabrications, and shop fitting. We offer a wide range of dimensions and these will be supplied in either 6063 or 6082 depending on the size which grade your chosen dimension will be supplied in is clearly identified on the individual product page.

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Welcome to metals4U, the biggest online metal supplier in the UK. Whether you are a keen hobbyist, tradesperson or contractor, we are the metal store to help you find all the materials and tools you need. There is no limit to what you can create, and we are proud to stock a varied, great quality product range to help you along the way.

Aluminum Tubes Spectre

Spectre offers multiple length, 4 inch outside diameter aluminum tubing in a Y configuration with multiple angles. Our short Y pipes have 16 inch long legs and are offered with different Y separation angles and different angles compared to the center connecting pipe. The various angles can allow you design a 2 into 1 style air intake system.

4 Inch Ypipes for Big RIgs 4quot YPIPES

4quot Type B YPipe Aluminized Exhaust Pipe 10.5quot x 16quot YB400A. Grand Rock. OEM PRICE 205.00. YOUR PRICE. Now: 129.00. OEM PRICE. YB400A 4quot Type B YPipe Aluminized Exhaust Pipe 10.5quot x 16quot YB400A What other exhaust parts will I need Depending on your current exhaust system, you could need several truck pipes to complete the job.

Aluminum Pipe 4quot Aluminum Pipe CXRACING

Aluminum Y Pipe Dual 3.5quot to 4quot Cold Air Intake Turbo Intercooler Pipe. CXRacing Aluminum Y Pipe For Air Intake or Intercooler Piping. Two 3.5quot Pipes Merge to Single 4quot O... Item Code: APY400350. 50.47

Making a Y Pipe for a T6 Turbo Downpipe YouTube


Aluminum Transitions Burns Stainless

For intake and cooling systems, 6061 aluminum tubing is the most popular and versatile alloy. Our straight aluminum tubing is sold in the T6 condition, ideal for sawing, machining, sanding, and polishing. All of our bends are initially annealed to the quotOquot condition, which is necessary for bending. During the bending process, some work hardening in the bend area occurs, and the finished bends.