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3003 h14 Aluminum Coil Properties and Application Aluminum.

3003 h14 aluminum coil refers to H14 tempered 3003 aluminum coil. Among them, 3003 is the alloy number named by AA Aluminium Association in the United States. H indicates the cold work hardening state. The following numbers indicate different degrees and types of cold work hardening.

Properties and price of 3003 h14 aluminum coil

The tensile strength of aluminum coil 3003 h14 is more than 140MPa, and H24 is 240MPa. The tensile strength of 3003 is 145195, and the hardness of H14 is 120 of H24. THE longterm use temperature for 3003 h14 aluminum coil is about 250 degrees, and the HDT is about 143 degrees Celsius.

Aluminum Sheet and Coil Series 3003H14

3003 is the most widely used of all aluminum alloys. It is essentially commercially pure aluminum with the addition of manganese which increases the strength some 20 over the 1100 grade. Thus, it has all the excellent characteristics of 1100 with higher strength. It has excellent corrosion resistance.

What you need to know about 3003 H14 alumiunm alloy sheet.

It is slightly stronger than pure aluminum and cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. 3003 grade can also be produced into aluminum coils 3003, aluminum tread plate, color coated aluminum sheets, etc. 3003grade aluminum is one of the most widely used alloy grades. 3003 H14 Aluminum Sheet Specifications Aluminum Grade 300


3003 h14 aluminum sheet coil applications

3003 h14 aluminum sheet coil applications 3003 h14 aluminum sheet coil sheet is a typical AlMn alloy, with good formability, very good corrosion resistance and weldability, so it is very suitable for use in curtain walls. So the question is, how easy is a 3003h14 aluminum sheet for such a useful curtain wall per ton

Aluminum 3003 H14 Almetals

Aluminum 3003 H14 supplier specializing in aluminum coil stock slitting and processing for stamping, roll forming, and tube producers . Toggle navigation. Custom Slit Metal Coil. On Time, To Spec. An Open Letter for CEO39s and Current Future Customers. D.

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